Мы находим группу от 3 до 10+ ведущих врачей мира, которые точно соответствуют вашей медицинской ситуации.

1. Они могут просмотреть и довести до совершенства ваш план лечения.

2. They can perform your surgical or medical treatment.

3. They can optimize your health trajectory and reduce health risks.

Use our services separately or get a Family Membership.

Pricing range: USD 1,995 - 19,995.

[4 tiers of service, ask for details]

Family Membership: USD 5,995 per year.

Detailed description of our services and Family Membership

1. Review and Refine to perfection your treatment plan.

Our Multidisciplinary Team [MDT] expert panels consist of multiple experts from different locations. They are affiliated with different academic medical centers. This approach ensures objectivity and impartiality of review of your situation.

See "How It Works" section on our website to learn how we select experts who fit your situaiton precisely. We work with them as a panel to get you the best treatment plan.

Medical problem is a "lock". Doctor is a "key". A key must perfectly fit in a lock to open it. There are no master keys in medicine anymore.

See "How It Works" page for a full explanation of how you benefit from out method of selecting and working with a panel of precise experts for your situation.

They help you weigh treatment options wisely. They suggest how to achieve the best possible prognosis.

See "How It Works" page to learn more about why we always work with a panel of precise experts.

Our written report includes all views of your expert panel.

You also get background and supplementary information that helps your to understand the context and reasons for every expert view.

Our report typically contains over 10 pages [in contrast to a dry 1-2 page letter you get from most "second opinion" providers].

You have ample time to study our written report, read background
information, and follow relevant internet links contained in the report.

Then you can revert to us with follow-up questions. We may run your follow-up quesitons by expert panel again, where necessary.

See "How It Works" page for detailed explanation of our communciation methods with you and the experts we work with on your medical situaiton.

This option enhances your privacy further and protects you from "VIP syndrome".

Anonymous option is frequently used by our clients who have "googlable" names due to their recognized professional and societal status.

See "How It Works" section on our website to learn more abotu benefits of anonymity for expert case reviews.

Hospitals and clinics routinely use their "second opinions" to make their top and only real recommendation: "get to our clinic for treatment".

This is a huge conflict of interest when second opinions are done by the same institutions whose main business is clinical services.

Obviously, luring patients for treatment and repeating all diagnostic tests in-house, steering a patient do several rounds of consultations is much more expensive than a remote opinion. Even if that opinion is done by the same experts.

We have 100% independence from any clinic, hospital, company, region, university or country.

We do not "sell you" or advance interests of any group or push you into any particular surgical or medical method of treatment.

We do not take a cut from your hospital bill or kickbacks from clinics and doctors for referrals.

Payments from clinics is a frequent business model for "medical tourism" agencies, which have zero expertise to evaluate a fit between patients and doctors. They keep blindly chanting to everyone "we are the best".

We don't have any advertisements or sponsorships on our website or anywhere in our venture.

We are not advocating for any particular method of diagnostics or treatment.

"Medical second opinion" is a dominant term for the description of remote expert opinion services. It is important for search engines.

We consider this term potentially misleading.

A patient and their family might feel that once they had their "second opinion" somewhere, they are done, and it's all good, whatever that opinion was.

That is not necessarily true.

The goal of every patient is to obtain not only generally correct, but also precise and complete diagnosis.

Many patients have too general or incompletely precise diagnosis. "ER-positive breast cancer" or "severe mitral valve prolapse" is not enough, for example. At least not today.

There must be a precise molecular and / or quantitative functional characterization of current stage of pathological process.

Only then it is possible to provide a precision medicine-based treatment plan, ascertain the most likely prognosis, and determine the ways to improve it.

It may take one expert opinion or it make take ten expert opinions to zero onto the most precise characterization of the disease and the best possible treatment plan.

It certainly takes a MultiDisciplinary Team [MDT] discussion of real experts to weigh all treatment options appropriately.

And just because a group of physicians at any hospital calls themselves a "tumor board" or an "MDT panel", it does not automaticlaly mean that they are the best-fit experts for a given patient. They might be good for one patient but not for the next one.

That has to be understood by all patients.

It's not about the semantics and fancy words. It's about a substance and the depth of expertise and how closely it fits the profile of patient's specific situaiton.

Disclaimer: We do not provide medical services.

Our services are purely informational and educational. We help you 
to educate yourself about crucial aspects of your medical condition, and find the best medical experts in the world for your specific medical 

No “patient-doctor relationship” is established between our clients,
 us, and the medical experts we identify and engage to help you solve 
your medical challenge. This is in line with all services that facilitate patient education, expert referrals, and remote expert opinions.

Only a specific medical clinic can establish a formal relationship 
between a patient and a physician. We are not a medical clinic.

However, our clients around the world find our services useful to 
help them navigate any medical condition, anywhere in the world, and in the best possible way.

Example Expert Conversations

Example Expert Conversations

Contact us and get your issue solved
How it works

Example Expert Conversations

Example Expert Conversations

Contact us and get your issue solved

Example Expert Conversations

Example Expert Conversations

Contact us and get your issue solved

Our clients speak

Within 48 hours we had 5 different perspectives on our situation. It was invaluable, it was a great experience for us. Thank you for helping us!”

Partner, International Law Firm

“I can highlight three aspects of your service: convenience, speed, and precision. Your service was above and beyond our expectations. Your experts’ view was a key factor in our decisions.”

Partner, McKinsey Consulting

We got confidence that you are at the cutting edge of medical science. My advice to patients? When any problem is found – ask for expert opinion.”

Partner, Bain Consulting

Your experts were very positive in their attitude. They were confident I could give birth naturally without any problems.Your help was most valuable!”

Media and PR Executive

“I was shocked to hear my diagnosis ‘heart attack’. I am 35! If I knew of my heart disease risks, I would’ve contacted you earlier. Thank you for reducing my health risks, I hope it’s not too late!”

Pilot and Automotive Executive

“My father had TIA [pre-stroke]. A likely cause was overlooked. Your experts gave us detailed advice on the lifestyle and medication changes to reduce the risks of future heart attacks and stroke.”

Co-founder & Partner, Audit firm

2. Find perfect-fit surgeons or non-surgical experts to perform your treatment

"You have more information about a steam iron you want to buy than about your neurosurgeon."

"Some surgeons are very experienced but they do the operation in a wrong way."

"Experience is not everything. Knowledge is the most important thing."

"There’s a huge challenge that goes with being a cancer surgeon. Surgery by itself is a failure in many abdominal cancers."

"I think well-trained surgeons can be found everywhere in the world. Surgeons have their own judgment, and that’s something that’s not constant."

See video "How to get the best treatment?" [Parts 1 and 2] to learn more from the world's leading physicians and surgeons on how to get the best treatment.

Different patients have different circumstances and preferences where they would like to get their treatment done.

For many types of treatment, the best quality is available regionally. For certain treatment options, it is best to travel across the world.

Traveling nationally or internationally is not necessarily the most expensive option. If you go to the specialist who truly fits your situation, treatment and recovery is often much faster, which reduces your overall costs.

We will be happy to determine together with you how wide should be our search for a perfect doctor for you. We are confident that we will find you several best options for any situation.

Leading surgeons or physicians are incredibly busy. They could be booked months in advance. Yet many pathological processes cannot wait that long.

When we identify several experts who coudl perform your treatment, we run your clinical case by them in advance. We confirm the intended tretatment method, duration of treatment, we get their answers to all your questions.

This method makes a busy surgeon familiar in advance with your entire story. So when you show up at the appointment, all major issues are solved and decided upon in advance.

Therefore, you get the treatment potentially much faster than many other patients with similar diagnosis.

One of our clients had a serious fast-growing tumor. We engaged one of the world's foremost surgeons for that specific type of tumor. The entire surgical team assessed the clinical case in advance, they reviewed imaging electronically, all laboratory data.

When the patient showed up at that surgeon's office, she saw at least 15 other patients with a similar tumor. They were all waiting in line for an apointment on that day.

When the surgeon walked out of the examination room and saw our client, he recognized her, and asked her immediately to come in, first.

This was not because we somehow curried a favor with that surgeon.

This was because the surgeon knew all about her clinical case already. Thus meeting this patient was the easiest and fastest among all 16 patients. He did not have to study MRIs and CTs, he did not have to anticipate a long discussion about treatment options.

Meeting our client was the easiest choice, so he chose that meeting to be his first in a long clinic day.

Our client was scheduled for surgery in a few days, and did not have to wait weeks to get on the operating schedule.

The criteria that patients often use to select a doctor to perform their treatment may not be relevant to the outcome of their treatment. If they have a choice at all.

Doctor's regalia, "professorial looks", how rich and stylish is the office, how deferential is nursing or office staff.

That's what clinics pay attention to because they know the importance of those tangential criteria for the decisions patients make.

Yet none of that matters for the results of the surgery or medical treatment, and doctors know it.

It is the knowledge, the choice of strategy, the techncial skills, The versatility, the degree of fit between the expert and a precisely defined issue at hand, coherence of a clinical team. That's what matters.

And none of these criteria could be reliably assessed by a patient during an office visit or website browsing.

"Chair of the Department" might not be the most suitable doctor for a specific patient. The most senior doctor at a hospital may not have the right skills for a subtype and stage of disease that a patient has.

Ideally, a surgeon must have cross-training in several specialties (for example, open surgery and endovascular procedures). This ensures a holistic assessment of a patient.

If a doctor is capable of doing only one method of treatment, then a patient is being told that they need exactly that method. It may or may not be the best method for a specific patient.

"If you only know one method, you do all of them the same way" - said an eminent cerebrovascular neurosurgeon.

Patients often seek the most experienced surgeon or physician.

But "experience is not everything. Knowledge is the most important thing." - said a renowned cancer surgeon from Stockholm.

Most doctors with high regalia will be eager to do your surgery or non-surgical treatment irrespective of how well their skills match your specific situation.

It is especially true for "VIP patients".

A senior physician or surgeon may be out of practice due to advancing age or high burden of administrative duties.

Medicine is a big business. Surgery departments dwarf medicine departments in revenue generation for any hospital.

Here is an analogy:

Patient's medical situation is like a Formula 1 car: complex, expensive, unique.

A surgeon is like a Formula 1 car driver. Driving complex, expensive, unique cars is what they do.

Put a Formula 1 car in front of ten drivers and ask: "Who is the best to drive this car?". They will all say "I am the best!". And they should say that!

But some drivers are better than others. Particularly for specific cars, which might differ by small but crucial for the outcome of the race details.

Similarly, some surgeons or non-surgical specialists fit certain medical situations much better than others.

It is all about the degree of fit. The better an expert fits a specific medical situation, the better outcome of treatment will be for the patient.

Do not confuse regalia and grey hair with the skill for a specific situation.

There may be a less senior doctor at the same department who has much better knowledge for yoru specific situation. But you will never know.

Did you know that patients survive better when the senior doctors are AWAY from a hospital to attend a national medical conference?

Two surgeons of the same seniority and the same general specialty can have a vast difference in the knowledge about a particular subtype of the same broad diagnosis.

But a patient with that diagnosis may never discover a critical difference in the knowledge between those two surgeons. Talking to a surgeon or browsing their biography would not help to determine exact fit of a surgeon to patient's precisely defined problem.

Example Expert Conversations

Example Expert Conversations

Contact us and get your issue solved
How it works

Example Expert Conversations

Example Expert Conversations

Contact us and get your issue solved

Example Expert Conversations

Example Expert Conversations

Contact us and get your issue solved

3. Reduce your health risks. Optimize your health trajectory.

We compile a list of experts who are most active in research and innovations in your particular subtype of diagnosis.

There are often 100 to 500 thousand research articles on common diagnoses. Rare diagnosis may have less than 100 published articles.

Medical conferences often have cutting-edge information before it is published.

Abstracts, posters, speaker lists, titles of talks can very precisely address any diagnosis and help find the right expert.

Physicians often have important reputational information that is never offically publicized.

We listen to their ideas and leads to identify those experts around the world who are best positioned to solve your medical challenge.

Our only criterion is how precisely the research and clinical focus of an expert fits your situation.

We seek experts who fit your situation like a key fits a lock.

This is in contrast with everyone else

Example Expert Conversations

Example Expert Conversations

Contact us and reduce your health risks
How it works

Example Expert Conversations

Example Expert Conversations

Contact us and reduce your health risks

Family Membership

Family membership brings you the full benefits of our services

Experience has shown us that those who purchase our Famiy Membership often care for at least one person of a "-1" generation (it could be a parent, an aunt or uncle). In fact, it is often parents and other "-1" generation persons who have the most immediate benefit from being included in our Family Membership (especially in terms of health risks reduction and "health plan" structuring).

Our clients also often have spouses or partners, and children. Therefore, we define "family" to be broadly consisting of (1) parents or other "-1" generation relatives, (2) a person who buys Family Membership and his or her spouse or partner, and (3) their children.

One Family Membership includes up to 5 people. We will provide the following services:

  1. We will help you assemble a digital clinical history file for each member of enrollee’s family.
  2. We will assist in a creation of a personal health goals plan: health areas to watch, issues to follow. We do an audit of preventive measures in accordance with the guidelines from the US- and EU-based professional medical societies.
  3. We will facilitate a provision of one expert opinion per one Family Membership per year on any clinical issue, free of additional charge.
  4. We will provide all our additional services at 10% discount.
  5. We will identify relevant experts and provide referrals to the best-fit experts anywhere in Europe or the US within 48 hours. We select experts based solely on how well they fit the exact medical problem at hand (see How It Works for more information).
  6. We will evaluate the relevance of expertise to a given issue of any physician that you are planning to visit. No country has a uniform distribution of medical expertise. For example, 35% of physicians (and 70% of female physicians) in Germany would not recommend their hospital as a place to receive care.
  7. We will facilitate a discussion of diagnostics plan, treatment options, potential pitfalls when dealing with any medical issue. We can connect via any asynchronous communication method, a messenger (WhatsApp, FB, Telegram) or email.
  8. We will help to review any prescribed medication regarding published evidence-based medicine data with the US FDA and European Medicines Agency. This will ensure that all medications used by our clients are approved and tested in major markets.
  9. We will assit in structuring an approach to any health issue within 24 hours.
  10. We will facilitate answers to any health-related questions (on a reasonable basis) within 24 hours via WhatsApp or other messengers, or email.

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